I have input meters but no piano/output options on demo

Hi everyone!
I’ve downloaded the demo and I’m getting meters but no piano or any output options. Based on glowing reviews and videos I’ve seen I’m sure it works very well and I plan to buy it as soon as it works!
I’m on Windows 7 64bit I have ASIO for All installed, too.
I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and I plan to work in Ableton so may I request a VST demo as well?

the first step is having ASIO installed.
the second step is to tell ASIO which in and output channels to use.
-Open the ASIO4all config via the top button in our interface section.
-Select the proper in and outputchannels there and close the ASIO config.
-now you can select the configured ASIO channels in our interface section.