I need the beta testversion for my violin

Hi Guys, I like to help testing the next new Beta Testversion for Violins. I m a violin / fiddle player from switzerland. I performe in different Bands. In the Moment I do my Master of Arts course in popular Music in Winterthur. One topic will be, creating different Sounds with a violin. Is there already a Beta Version available yet? What are the possibilities with the midi guitar software? Thanks for your reply, kind regards from switzerland, Eva

there is currently no beta for violin, and no ETA when we can start with the midi violin project.
MIDI Guitar can convert the guitarrange of notes in realtime to midi notes, so that you play midi synths and instruments. Violin and fluteplayers with an adventurous vein tend to experiment with our app. it can work nice for those instruments, but there are limtis in functionality especially for violin, because we didn’t make it to track bowed notes and the upper range is limited.