I was getting some burps and pops with Deep Expression but found out it wasn't the problem

I was getting some burps and pops with Deep Expression but found out it wasn’t the problem.

Could it have been a glitch in the Tascam Audio/Midi interface I wondered so I banged it very hard as usual.

It was the windows realtek audio input on the computer I was plugged into for audio (I use it in the living room for audio/tv etc.)

For some reason MS decided to have automatic detection of audio inputs and adjust accordingly.

It sure did. Lots of hiss and clicks and pops. I assume a cable or connector on the back of the computer motherboard was loose . The cables are fine.

So good 'ol MS or whomever decided to change the input settings on the whole system including some kind of extra click pop capability they had handy. They also included some really loud hiss from their bag of tricks.

I simply rebooted after making sure the jacks were tight and no more boo boos.

It actually lost one side of the stereo output and then I realized it was the MS audio goof up.

It might be good to mention here that MIDI Guitar uses ASIO.
The audio interface you connect with ASIO should NOT be used as default sound in/output for the windows system sound itself: the windows system does not use ASIO and might create conflicts there!
So you keep the windows sound using your internal soundcard, and use ASIO connected to your external usb audio interface.