In the last update can’t find Background Processing to turn it off

Hi, I use Midi Guitar on IPad since last year to perform live, but in the last version I couldn’t find the option to turn background processing off.

the option seemed a bit superfluous, since when you go to a synth you’d want MG to continue, so it is removed to avoid confusion. I also was rather confusing with IAA use, since IAA needs the background processing switched on in the app too…
-If you want to stop transmitting outgoing midi, you can choose a patch without midi output (or quit the app).
-If you want to save batterylife, you also better quit the app.

For me that option was essential cause I actually used to switch between apps during a song using it with bias at the same time, if it’s possible for a further update I would suggest to put it back, I’m doing the patch thing but… you know doing that playing live is not that easy as it was especially during the kind of shows we play, running and jumping during the songs…

It is so that we have to try to avoid having too much controls for everything, without cutting away possiblities. Basically every added knob that influences general behaviour adds to the apps complexity, and the more complexity there is, the more people get stuck. Our iOS app attracts many people without any further DAW experience…
That being said, we maybe can find a way to provide “background off” in some clear way that wont confuse anybody, we’ll discuss it here.

for now: If you use an interface with 2 inputs, you can use 1 input channel for bias and 1 input channel for mg and use an analog switch to switch between those inputs.

I think a good way to add the function again, could be in settings or in the audio input section as an option, like in other applications, so people with more knowledge of routing and those kind of things will be able to use it, I’m currently using an Irig pro and I only have one input. I’ll be thinking on a better way to solve it for now. Thanks for the support I think communication with users it’s important for improvements.

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