Integrating MG2 iOS with macOS

So today I tried something that might be interesting for some.

I have an iConnectAUDIO4+ interface that I use in aggregate with other interfaces. You can use it to send audio and MIDI between two devices simultaneously; iOS, WIN10, or macOS.

I fed a guitar D.I. signal from Live 10 through to AUM/MG2 effect running on an iPhone. Works perfectly. You can then send the virtual MIDI from MG2 iOS back to Live 10 to control synths there. Nice.

I tried to take it a step further and try this same concept via Zero Debug’s Studiomux hoping to acheive the same result but without the bulky interface. It was very sketchy. I got it to work with the iPhone temporarily and it was very smooth in performance. It wouldn’t work with the iPad Pro – I’m not sure why exactly. In both cases, it would only work via the VST/AU effect version of Studiomux, using the Studiomux virtual audio device doesn’t work properly. Again you can route the Virtual MIDI out via Studiomux and use it to play synths in Live 10. Cool, when it works :slight_smile:

Anyway, this might be useful for somebody. Ultimately it’s probably better to just use the desktop version but this might serve some other purpose.

thanks for the info.