Interface option in Windows update

Hi guys, still loving this software. I’ve recently been experimenting with running two instances of the stand alone at the same time which allows me to come up with some awesome blends of guitar and synths with a full range from low notes to high utilizing the transpose midi machine. My home studio set up uses stereo monitoring but the interface section does not allow individual output channel selection. I don’t know if this would be an easy fix but feel it would be a great enhancement in a future update.

It’s been 14 days since I posted this and I think I know why I got no response. It’s the interface itself that determines the output. I can get into interface settings and set one channel off or on but all audio from both instances of the standalone app will be locked to the same output channel. But there is a workaround if only there was a pan option in the master output section. This would be a far better option as it will give a more natural and fuller stereo mix between 2 instances of MG2 running at the same time. In a live performance setting it would allow separate left and right signals to be sent to separate amps and make a single guitarist sound like a whole band. A simple little pan control (midi controllable). Imagine the expression possibilities.:grin:

we havent really prepared stuff for running multiple instances.
Runnin mulitple instances with 1 guitar input is a waste of computing power: you’re basically doing the same job twice.
For more elaborate setups we recommend using a livehost like Mainstage or Gigperformer. In a livehost you can stack synths to your liking, all fed by 1 MG plugin instance.

Hi, Paul. Thanks for your reply and I understand your reluctance to add too many bells and whistles to your software. However, I would like to point out that most of the people using this software are by nature very creative and will continue to find creative ways of using it. In fact it was reading this forum where it was suggested running Midi Bass along side MG2 that tweaked my interest. For me, throwing more money on more software to compensate for a shortfall on MG2 is not an option. Please don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely love MG2 just the way it is. It actually fulfills a dream I had 50 years ago of being able to get keyboard synth sounds out of a guitar.
Regards Max

One question before I respond with detail…

Are you running ONLY the standalone version, or are you able to run MG2 as a VST plugin (in a DAW or a live performance app like Gig Performer)?

Suggestions will be quite different, depending on your setup.

For the most part I run the standalone version almost exclusively. I find it much easier to work with. I have programmed my my FCB 1010 foot controller to call up several patches on the fly while playing back my own homemade backing tracks stored on a standalone looper. The good folks at Jam origin have indicated that in an upcoming windows update that midi cc commands will also be forwarded to the guitar section which will allow for full expression of any loaded vst effect.

Given that you’re working with two instances, I’d use a stereo panning plugin like the free StereoPan by BlueLab. Install it, rescan your plugins, then add it as an Audio FX. This plugin is really simple, but all you should need. The price is right and it gets updated!

Simpler d/l here:

Dev’s website:

Edit: I lied about the simpler d/l. Ha. It just drops you to the BlueLab site. I’m going to install it and give it a try myself.

Cool idea! I’ll look into that if I get a chance tomorrow. Thanks