I have been using midi guitar 2(free trial version ) a few months ago , but now ,without changing nothing, It does not work any more .My interface is a UMC204HD and seems to work , I have my guitar sound in the amplifier , the UMC is recognise into peripheral of my PC .It is also regognise when I click on “interface” into the midi guitar2 App.But I have got any more movement in the curve and ether no sound .Any one can help ?? I tried already to desinstall the midiguitar and the driver and reinsall , many times , But it is always the same …Do you think it could be coming any way from my interface …Whant to know before buying a new one

it may be worth trying input2 instead of input1.

what position is your ‘mix’ knob in? do you still hear the guitar if the mix knob is fully clockwise (pb)?

Thanks , my problem is resolved now