Interfacing with Audiobus or Quantiloop

Hi. I just downloaded the app and purchased the nearly all pack (including Midi output capacity). THe application in standalone works perfectly well.
I am using other apps, such as quantiloop, as an easy daw, to record different tracks and be able to play them. But I cant find a way to ‘plug’ the audio output from Midi Guitar 2 to the input of Quantiloop.
Also, using Midi Guitar 2 as an effect on one track in Quantiloop does not work either : quantiloop does not record anything that I am playing from my guitar.
I tried the midi output from midi guitar, to feed an audiobus synth, it works, but i cant figure out how i can plug also quantiloop in the flow (knowing that quantiloop works only on audio, not on midi).
All this is a bit confusing. And anyhow, it would be nice to be able to use all the instruments you put in midi guitar 2, and record them directly in an audio session.

Thank you in advance for your help, i am just trying to sort out what can be done of your nice application.

Audio out from MG can be listened to by other apps via IAA: MG should be listed in any IAA input capable app as an IAA effect.
If Quantiloop supports IAA this should work.