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iOS MIDI input functionality


Hi Jam! I understand that it’s stated that MIDI input functionality is limited in MIdi Guitar 2, but can you explain the detail of what that means? Can the midi input channel be selected? Does it only listen in Omni mode?

Thanks for your help!


you can control the sustain and transpose pedal in MG with the controller you select in the “MIDI Pedal” selector. It listens to any channel if I recall correctly.
Program changes are also supported, but there is a quirk there: the Program Changes are forwarded to the loaded (AU) synths, and when that synth reacts to the program change, the MG preset data is overruled, by the local synths preset. This is to be fixed in the next MG for iOS update.


Thanks Paul. Is selectable MIDI input channel also on the radar? Since I have multiple MIDI devices(currently on 3 different channels), MG2 responding to all messages makes it useless as messages that I send to other devices get acted on by MG2.


you’re mixing up channels with ports: MG will listen to 1 port: that means 1 pedal or 1 virtual midi device. Channels exist within each port.