iOS version - Selecting Midi channel to receive on - ie. for selecting presets via PC messages

Hi, I notice, at present, on the iOS version, that presets are selected in the usual way with PC messages.

The issue is that the App accepts these messages on any channel (OMNI).

Naturally it’s normal to run Midi Guitar 2 alongside another app (typically a synth).

However, problems arise when selecting a preset. For example, whatever channel I select for switching presets on AudioKit Synth One (which I can program to listen on any single channel) MG2 will always just copy since it’s listening on all channels.

I had read a thread from October 2020 where @JamO mentioned that this would be addressed in the next update.

Have I missed or misunderstood something; it would certainly be a great help to me.

Wonderful App, thanks so much to it’s creators, a real blessing!