Is there a way to trigger multiple instruments in iOS?

Coming from years of 13 pin Roland systems (mainly GR-55). The GR-55 can do 2 PCM sounds, a modeling sound, and the normal pickup all blended into a patch. I just got MG2 and am wondering if there is a way for it to trigger more than one instrument (AU sound) at a time, I would like to layer sounds the way I do in the GR-55. Anybody know how to do this? My set up is iRig pro to iOS with midi foot controller for patch changes.

You might have a look at Gig Performer.
Inserting MG2 plugin in it, you may trigger at the same time as many instruments as your computer can support.

Gigperfromer is not on iOS.
Multiple instruments can be loaded in AUM and Audiobus.
Easiest way is to run MG standalone and enable the virtual midi output. then make patches with lots of synth in AUM or Audiobus.


sorry for the mistake, I’ve been confused by this video:

Thanks Paul, found info on how to do it here. How to use MIDI Guitar in AUM