Issue using vst's

I am using MG2 64bit within Ableton.
When i open another vst within MG2 and try to play a Reed instrument, the instrument only registers on the first three guitar strings i.e E,B,G.

Hello Graham, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

This may be due to the range of the instrument which does not correspond to that of the guitar.
What happens if you transpose +1 octave in MG’s Midi FX slot?
This is what I do for i.e. a saxophone.

Hiya, thanks for that. Yes ive tried that but it doesnt fix it. Its mainly uillean pipes and i cant get a drone.

@grahammk11 It’s strange, using for example the Uilleann Pipes included in Kontakt, without transposition, for 6 open strings played in MG, 5 notes trigger drones as you can see on this screenshot with latch or unlatch swith as well.
The principle should be the same for all midi instruments.
Unless you are using this instrument in a particular synth or sample player which requires additional configuration… But not MG which seems to be ok.