Kontakt automation

Loading a Kontakt instance in MIDI GUITAR 2 and setting midi automation for the different instruments volumes I can’t find the automation in Ableton live 11.

Any suggestion will be welcome

Best regards from Luxembourg

Not sure if this will be of any help to you…

Hi Ken! Welcome here, to begin with! My first question would be why, if you are working in Ableton already, would you want to load Kontakt in MG2? It is of course way easier to automate stuff if you put Kontakt on a separate software track. If you have a good reason to stay with that setup, I’d use this way; (1 create a new empty MIDI track 2) In the MIDI From slot: choose what controller you intend to use, 3) In the MIDI To slot: choose the Audio track you have MG2 open on as destination. 4) Open the Kontakt instrument you wish to control, right-click (Mac) on the parameter (Volume) you want to “learn MIDI CC automation” and move your controller. Make sure the MIDI track is armed for REC (RED) when you do this. Done! Skärmavbild 2021-11-27 kl. 21.39.38