Latency Setings

Good afternoon,
So what I have been working on here is using Jam Origin in Standalone mode only passing midi to an external synth. This is working very well for me however when I lower the samples below 32 to 16 the CPU will spike most of the time inside of Jam Origin. When I look at my actual CPU usage it really isn’t using that much at all. I have gotten the latency so low its simply awesome. As I have read in another post I see Jam origin is only using one core, although I’m not sure if the Jam origin CPU monitor is reporting CPU usage correctly. Maybe implementing some kind of shared core settings might be a good answer for this. Any thoughts on this?

the latency of MG is mostly ruled by the wavelength of the notes, and less by the buffersize used. Going lower than 64 samples is mostly not advisable. MG has a latency of 20ms and up, independent from the buffersize.
Splitting one specific process over more cores will mostly make the latency larger, because the process has to have its jobs split, and a ptich to mdii convertor can not be done in parallel processes.

I’m sure that is true but I can say I have better latency at 32 than 64 and I am not running any internal sounds on the computer itself. When I bring it down to 16 it is even slightly better but I was having the CPU in MG light up. Believe me I am very happy with this program just trying to get things setup the best I can.
Thanks for your response!!

@Markmusicman what are the features of your computer? It seems to be a high-end machine.
I am using a PC with an Intel i7-11700H fully optimised for audio applications and I have set the buffer size to 128s.

It isn’t a very new PC it has a Intel i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz I have 32gb of RAM. I mostly use this pc as my DAW. However when running MG I am not using it for anything else, I am using MG in standalone and I am not using any VSTs or any sounds at all just guitar in to midi out. I am running the midi out to a keyboard and sounding the instruments within it. I have looked at this method for a friend who is a live player. This method of using MG does not require much processing power as there is nothing running except MG. It really does work quite nicely. This is a great way to use the program as changing sounds within the keyboard is pretty instantaneous and requires no computer processing. I have a floor pedal changing some presets, really does work awesome. I am looking at a couple of keyboard rack mount modules for use in this manor. I am also using MG in Studio One with my VSTs for my personal music.