License File Request Form

I have been trying to replace my lost license file. I have filled out the request form twice and no answer, is anyone reading the sent form? I cannot use the software until it is issued a license. I have had to pull out my Roland Gr55 to perform and return to 13 pin equipped guitar.

Hi @Holt! Usually, the lost licenses are dealt with at least once a week, but there’s always the risk of something out of the ordinary happening. So let’s make @JamO aware this way too. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too long now until you get an answer! :+1:

You should be set now.

For future references, as @LoFiLeiF says, I process these once pr week.


Thank you very much for your help. I received the email with the new license file….

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Thank you so much. Going back to the GR55 for live performance was like going from my Audi to the Flintstone’s car after using MG2.

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