License trouble and interface recognition

I’ve tried dlding the html link and saving as any file to let it dld by default instead of as an html file. and I’ve also tried saving it as user name.license which it doesn’t do by default. but when trying to apply the license to the standalone it says error and says that it doesn’t recognise the file that I’ve dld
i’d prefer to get the license file directly to my email then
please look the file up as Daniel Cartes
also in the standalone it doesn’t recognise my sonuus i2m interface , only zoom
but I havent tried it in ableton yet so there’s that, i believe that it works similar to a vocoder
beforehand thank you

I replied to the other thread.
As for sonuus, you probably don’t have an ASIO driver for it installed? If you use Ableton Live instead of the MG standalone, you need to setup your interface in Ableton, rather than MG.