Madness is descending fast

I am pretty much at my wits end.

I bought Midi Guitar 2. Played it OK on my desktop but needed it to be mobile. Bought a Lynx windows tablet & found the processor was not good enough. Bought a IPad Air. Oh the frustration with Apple.

It keeps choosing the Microphone as the input, occasionally goes to the USB codec but that does not last. It seems the only way I can get sound out is via the headphone Jack. Now cannot get anything.

I am using an OMEC Teleport between my guitar & tablet, but it I think it is something horrible between it and the latest version of IOS that seems to be going on. I hate IOS. It does not seem to give the user any control. Can anyone help please. Chris

interfaces deactivating themselves is not a known problem. Please check the power supply to your teleport and the usb cable used.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the advice. I have ordered a new lead and power supply. I will let you know what happens. C.

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I agree. This is not a common iOS problem with reliable interfaces.

Hi Paul,

Right, New power supply installed, new Lightning to usb cable bought off Amazon ( 2nd one ) says it is perfect for MIDI. Did not work. Oh the frustration!
I spoke to Orange,as I am using an OMEC Teleport made by Orange. They were brilliant. Evidently most of this type of cable sold is an imposter and does not work properly on an IPad. They told me to bite the bullet and spend another £29 on an actual Apple Lightning to USB Camera adapter lead and plug the supplied lead that came with the Teleport into it and IT WORKS. Hurray. Could I just ask one more thing please. Could you send me another link to my Licence so I can download it onto my IPAD. I thought I had done all I needed but when you say to wait for the interruption and click on apply licence, it isn’t there. The only choices I have are to PURCHASE, or PLAY THE TEST PIANO or CONTINUE. I am so close I can smell it.

I have only needed to buy an 2 tablets, the first one was a windows one that did not have a powerful enough chip, the second one was an IPad, a new power adapter for the teleport, 2 rubbish USB Midi leads that did not work and one good one from Apple so as you can see, it has been a rather expensive journey but I am nearly there and I appreciate all the help you and others have given me.

Thank you,

The iOS version license and full desktop license from our own store are not linked to one another: apple makes it impossible to bundle those licenses.
For using Sampletank you need “guitar rig” and “midi outputs” IAP purchases inside the iOS app.
If you allready bought the IAP’s: you should open the shop (on top right of screen) and wait for your purchases to be restored.
If you only wanted to have MIDI Guitar for your Tonewood amp, and you’re now stuck with a full desktop license you dont need, you should contact me at