Mainstage sounds in midiguitar2 stand alone

is it possible to run midiguitar2 stand alone with mainstage as the sound source. stand alone seems to track better than using it as a plug in to mainstage

yes, you just enable the midi output in the interface sectio of the MG standalone.
Set it to “virtual midi”.
Lots of people us e MG inside Mainsage without problems. You must however take care you load it on the lowest level, otherwise you might end up with mulitple MG’s runnning at the same time…
It is also possible to load 1 MG on concertlevel, and use it in every scene, likewise on songlevel. But as soon as you load MG on concert,song and scene level simultaneously, you’ll have mulitple instances of MG running… which will deteriorate performance.
So that is why we advice to keep it simple, and load MG only on scene level.

i use Midiguitar For Garageband it works fine with mainstage

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I’m not a Mainstage user (yet) but I’ve been looking at maybe using it as a host recently. Paul, could you please explain what you mean about loading the AU at different levels? Is ‘scene’ level the same as ‘patch’ level?

There are 3 levels in Mainstage: concert - set - patch (I got the names wrong before)
You can only load MG once, in either a concert, set or patch channel.
Channels on concert and set level are always active, so that means that if you want to switch patches with different MG settings, you need to load MG on patch level.
This will allways work, and will not cause you headaches.

Here more info about Mainstage’s “headache” zone:

  1. There is no way of binding MG’s midi output into a Mainstage keyboard object: so you can not load multiple MG’s at the same time and select the right instance for your instrument.
    The reason is that the midi output stream of MG will get random names ( midi guitar #3 and so on…). So there is no reliable name to connect a keyboard and with that, an instrument.
    MG’s output will however be captured in the default keyboard object keyboard 1. this is the reason loading MG on patchlevel will allways work out of the box.

  2. Mainstage can not forward incoming midi to audio fx: trying to bypass this by loading MG as “midi controlled fx” into a channel will lead to crashes, because the mdii output of MG will be send back to MG’s midi input then… Because of the trouble explained under 1. there is no secure way to circumvent this.
    Theo-re-ti-cal-ly speaking MG loaded as a midi controlled fx, but assigned to an allready available Keyboard object where only the midi footcontroller is coming in should work. But I didnt get that far, maybe you are more lucky…


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