MG 3 Sidechain?

Hi, I’m trying to send an audio signal from one chain of plugins into a plugin in another chain, all inside of MG3, but can’t find the option? Will it be available later?
It would be super helpful!
Thank you!

Can you give us an example where such a “cross-chain” signal path would apply, and/or make sense?

I’m trying to build a preset to have my real guitar sound (with a virtual amp+Distortion inside of MG3 after detection) to go into the plugin Zynaptic Morph 3 pro, which use an aux input (= Sidechain) from another sound source (like a synth sound in another chain) to blend their spectral characteristics together and create new lively textures… One known example of this is the sound designer from Doom who merged a 9 strings guitar sound with chainsaw sounds for a bloody great result! :wink:
I’d really like to push my sound design research but with the expressiveness of my guitar playing, and also being able to generate and fully control those sounds live, if I manage to get the latency low enough, but I have some ideas for this :wink:
I can do all this routing in Ableton but I’d really like to only have MG3 open in standalone has far as software to really lower the CPU charge.
Also being able to run at 96KHz or more to lower the latency even if it would hit the cpu hard, so I’ll dedicate a MacBook Pro Silicon just to run those hybrid guitar sound.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s indeed a very special setup and as you mentioned one would preferably do such complex routing in a DAW. I can’t judge how difficult it would be to implement the option to provide routable signal paths inside the standalone version of MG3.
Another option could be a “latency friendly” host application like Camelot: