MG doesn't remember settings

One thing that really sends me up the wall every time I start Midi Guitar is having to reset my Noise Gate, Tone and Mix settings, call back my regular MIDI FXs, recall the instrument I was working with the day before after getting rid of that irksome MDA Piano, and perhaps I won’t mention the Sustain, Reverb and Transposer effects that clutter up the interface. It really, REALLY irritates me no end. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make the program remember settings and it’s not as if the Preferences window was particularly overworked, is it? I hope someone will tell me I missed something.
The plugins management also has peculiarities that grate more than somewhat: Why are all my sfz soundfonts, for instance, taken out of their folders and thrown en masse all over the navigation window? Why are uninstalled instruments still listed? Why can’t they be cleared individually as opposed to the whole folder’s contents? MG’s a great tool, and god knows we had been waiting for something like it for donkeys; it’s just a pity that easily fixable irritants seem to have been left lying around out of carelessness to mar the experience. It’s not just me, is it? Moan, moan, moan.

-if you store your settings in you own patch (choose “save”, then “save as…”, give it your own name), you will not need to setup everythin everytime you start up. You latest used patch will be automatically loaded at startup.
-if you clear the pluginslist via the topleft button “clear”, and choose scan(safe), you will have only the actual plugins in the list.
-the sfz listing is not that elegant, that is true. Dont forget you can search by typing! E.g: if you want a trumpet, just type “trump”, and the list will filter.

What about VST amp settings and other VST plugins? The freeware guitar amp VSTs don’t have storable settings so is this something that Midi Guitar could do. I am experimenting with using Cherry Modular’s modular synth program as a plug in. It can do both audio processing and midi synth sounds. It would be great to switch patches will all the various parameters stored. I am finding my audio interface reset button needs to be activated almost every time I change patches in Midi Guitar. I have tried using only the midi side of the program in order to reduce the amount of CPU processing but it still exhibits the same problem. I’m using a Zoom R24 recorder as my I/O so maybe the drivers are the issue. I’m not sure because it happens even when I’m not maxing out the CPU indicator. The computer is a reasonably fast Aspire R14 64 bit laptop. Intel Skylake Core i7-6500U CPU, dual-core 2.5 GHz 8 gigs RAM

if ASIO crashes with program changes, there must be something wrong with the driver, either the ASIO part or the native part. It is most likely not something that is directly linked to our software.
In the ASIO setup there are often options that are mysterious and can interrupt performance, I personally have only seen the asio4all options, where the “hardware buffer” is something that shouldnt be checked normally.
Be sure to use the latest driver for your Zoom: