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MG2 and Garageband on Mac OS


Dear Sirs.
I bought the Garageband version of Midi Guitar 2, and I can’t make it sound and it didn’t recognized it in any way. Nor midi or audio.
How can i make it sound?


I bought it on App Store (Midi Guitar for Garageband)


MIDI Guitar for Garageband is not a plugin, you run it alongside Garageband.
-Start MIDI Guitar for Garageband
-Load the patch “external midi output”
-Start Garageband: the midi from MIDI Guitar for Garageband will be autmotiacally recognised.

MIDI Guitar for Garageband works nearly exactly the same as midi-guitar-for-ios
For more help and info, see https://www.jamorigin.com/docs/midi-guitar-for-ios/


Perfect! Never know about load the patch…right know its work perfect…thank you!