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MG2 iOS version not working as AU

I used to use MG2 in AUM without any problems sending MIDI to synths loaded in AUM. I haven’t used MG2 in a while. I recently upgraded my OS to iOS 15 and I am not able to get the MIDI stuff working when MG2 is loaded as an AU. The guitar effects work fine, but neither the internal instruments (piano, etc) work and no MIDI gets sent.

I have deleted, rebooted and reinstalled with no luck.

I am running iOS 15.1 on an iPad 6. It worked fine for me under iOS 14.

It runs ok as a standalone but I need it working as an AU effect generating MIDI.

If you connect MG in a stereo way, the left input will convert to midi and the right input will go through the guitar channel. This was the case a few years ago, if I remember correctly.
If you switch to mono input for the MG AU, or just switch the guitar to the other input, you will have the encoder running…