MG2 keeps resetting my interface settings to different settings with the Presonus Studio 24C

I did a bunch of new setting revisions for the latency etc. in MG2 and set the interface to be 128 bits in MG2. Everything was fine.
Then I closed MG2 and it was back at 256 bits once I opened it again.
I use the Presonus Studio 24C USB interface.
I set the Presonus Universal control panel for 128 bits and when I run MG2 it sets it to 256 bits.
I change it to 128 and change to a different preset and MG2 stays at 128 until I close MG2 and open it again and it back at 256 and the Personus Universal control panel says it is at 256.
How can I make MG2 stay on the 128 bit setting and no change the Presonus settings?
Maybe it’s a windows thing? I unchecked the “Don’t let apps control the sound settings” but it didn’t work.
Maybe a reboot or two?
I’m completely lost on this one.
The problem is everything sounds better and works better with 128 so how do I make MG2 keep those interface setting without changing it back to 256 bits?