MG2 midi learn in Gig Performer

I rencently started using MG2 in Gig Performer and I come across a problem related to midi learning:
In GP, midi learn bends options are not available within MG2 and GP midi learn function does not allow it.
I used to use a dedicated controller in MG2 standalone, but it is no longer possible.
Do I need to post this too in GP community?

any option that works in standalone should work in Gig performer. What are you actually trying to assign?

I speeded things up and after further tests, I can affect a controller to any listed function in GP, but after moving the controller for a while, GP crashes systematically, whatever the MG2 parameter or controller selected.

Just to quickly chime in here and note that this is not a Gig Performer specific issue. Similar lockups happen in Main Stage on a mac and most likely elsewhere. The issue seems to be present when midi is used to control the MIDI Guitar 2 parameters so I would suggest looking at proper thread synchronization in that area.

I am a long time user of MIDI Guitar and LOVE the product btw!

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with development of Gig Performer.

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this is the midi automation route, please use the MIDI learn inside MG (in interface section)
We know the parameter automation route is buggy.

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Thank you, it works fine.
I tried this before and it did not work because I forgot to insert a midi box up MG2 in Gig Performer in order to run midi controller into MG2. Too used to MG2 standalone.

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