MG2 & UVI: Bends function loose connection and all notes above E5 sustained

Hi all! I’ve worked quite extensively with MG2 in the last year, trying out different kinds of software instruments. I have worked a little with UVI Falcon, with quite mixed results. The Falcon presets are super and I’ve worked with presets for breath controller that works flawlessly. But on the other hand I bought the Augmented Piano wich seem to freeze up once in a while, and I’ ll have to wait it out for it to reset. That might be due to some sort of setting I haven’t addressed yet. But now here is my real problem; I bought the Bohemian Violin V3 (expansion 2) with all kinds of issues I’ve never experienced before. (1) MG seems to lose its ability to control bends. You have to delete and restart the MG plug (in Mainstage) to get it to connect again. The other really strange thing is that (2) all notes above E5 ring out as if they were sustained when played via MG. I have a keyboard hooked up as well on which those same notes are fully playable as intended! Anyone know what this can be about? Would be most happy for any answers to these two issues! Regards Thorleif/LoFiLeiF

To add to the above description: Once the bends function goes, so does the possibility to trigger the notes above E5 (F5-F6). Why is this?

have you got any midi machine loaded?

I use transposer and custom gate now! (I used the bend attack for a while, but for obvious reasons not now)

then try without any mdimachine loaded: when there is bug in one of the midimachiens used it 'll become clear that way.

Well, there is a problem then! The playable part of the instrument is between G2-F6. And without transposer I won’t be able to try the trouble area!

ah ok! if you place the custom gate after the transpose script, and transpose +1 oct, you will get this error… please try the custom gate in front of the transposer

You sir, know a lot of stuff! Hat is off! Seems to work fine! Why is that? And are there other chains I should be wary of? Regards Thorleif

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well, I have made the bug myself, so that was easy to spot…
there is a loop that goes from note 28 to note 88 in the custom gate script… so it isnt compatible with +1 oct…
I’ll update that script soon, for now just take care of the right order.