MG3 Tracking 2024

I am not experiencing any kind of real tracking latency. What interface and guitar are you using? I have a high quality Thunderbolt interface with guitars going into a Radial DI. My level into the interface is set to peak at between -10 and -12 db. The input gain in MG3 is set to 5 db and the gate is set to 25. I have noticed that my strat style guitar with staggard pole pieces doesn’t track quite as well on the 1st and 2nd strings, but still plays fine. This system tracks better that any other midi guitar rig I have ever used. Hopefully you can get some settings that will work better for you.


You are not noticing any latency? My god! The latency is around 20 ms and the notes are all over the place. It’s sad really. Even though my playing is excellent and I am aware of the limitations of what the software can do I feel it’s more of a toy as it is right now. But hey, maybe that’s all it can be. If the beta never steps up and shows something more than this I’m out.

I am not seeing anything like that kind of latency.

It’s incredible for a MIDI guitar system. Something must be wrong with your setup.

Hmm…maybe there is something wrong with MIDI Guitar 3.0.48 experimental? Surely the tracking must be better than this??

Hello @Flanders, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:
First of all, as @digimidi has already asked, can you tell us what audio interface you’re using and its settings (frequency and buffer), and are you on Mac or Windows?

Don’t be sad. Since your “playing is excellent,” you must have a problem in your signal chain. Inspect it critically from end to end. There’s plenty of advice on this forum and useful video demonstrations on YouTube regarding this matter.

For what it’s worth, MG2 and MG3 are both tracking superbly for me and many others here, and there are plenty of us (including the professional players among us) who have been through all the hardware solutions the market has seen on the way to MG3 over the course of decades.

Put in the time and you’ll figure it out. There’s plenty of help available if you ask the right way.


The dog escaped the room. They hear more than we do so I can imagine why… in any case Tom excellent playing and MG2 very good tracking. I wish I could play that way. Thanks for posting.

I have a mac mini m1 and a motu ultralite mk5, latency in Logic is set to 32 and I use Midi Guitar 3 standalone to send midi to Logic. Settings in MG3 is 64 buffersize single threaded (or multi, tried both). Settings in Logics are optimal as far as I know. Plugin latency compensation is set to "audio and software instruments) and not to “all”. Which I know can increase latency. Process buffer range is set to small. No plugins on master bus. Optimal. MG3 is set to polyphonic expressive, bends to 2 or off.
My feeling is that the tracking is to slow. It feels like 1995 and not 2024. My guess is around 20 ms.

Maybe I should try the last stable beta?

Its always difficult for to advice on this. Sometimes we fail to meet expectations because it obviously has some latency over playing straight guitar. Zero latency would mean detecting a note before it is sounding. If you have never played any (hardware) MIDI guitars I can understand it feels slow to some, and so maybe this is not for you.

(as a side note, don’t confuse MIDI with audio synths like Roland COSM/HRM modelling, EHX and our Deep Expressor. These are “zero latency” synths, but has nothing to do with MIDI).

To your questions:

I guess there are a few things can add latency on the way to and through Logic, but in theory it should be able to get very similar latency as the standalone. My best advice is to start with the standalone MG, 64 or 128 buffersize, single-threaded and load the INTRODUCTION patch. How does that feel?

In absolute terms 20ms is actually not bad at all. It’s like standing 7m from your amp. I dont think any hardware or software solution get down to 20ms end-to-end, reliably (dont trust their marketing), in reality while preserving some kind of dynamics.

to fully examine your issue, the first and best step is to run mg2 or mg3 in standalone mode.

this will tell you if logic is your problem, or if the issue lies elsewhere.

without the information this step provides it is very difficult to help you.

we need an explanation as to why your experience is different that the majority of others. most of us with heavy experience using older technology will assure you that mg2/3 is superior in every aspect, and especially so in terms of latency.

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Mac Mini M1 here. Still on ‘old’ Mac OS Ventura.
Ableton Live 12 as DAW.
U-Phoria 2x4 Audio Card Core Audio and Core MIDI
MG2 works fine no perception of too much latency. I run at 128 samples (in MacOS the lower the less CPU load), sometimes at 64 but I found 128 is the best balance for CPU and performance. I still have to install MG3 on the mini as my main Mac Studio M1 runs MG3 flawlessly both standalone and in the DAW (Live) with no problems.

Hope it helps