Midgiguitar2.component - incompatible in Logic 10.7.2 and gives error message in UAD LUNA as well


I have a new MacBook Pro which won’t accept my midiguitar2.component when I’ve placed it in the library/audio/Plug-ins/Components folder.
I’ve tried rescanning the plug-in in the plugin manager, but I keep getting messages from Logic saying: " “MIDI Guitar 2.component” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified."
It appears in the Audio FX as ‘incompatible’.
When I try to run it as the first in the Audio FX slot, it won’t open - just hangs.
The Standalone version works fine, but can’t be routed into Logic?

I’ve also tested it in Luna and it gave an error message there.
I had written to support to ask them to reactivate my old license, but I was given a dead link.
I have asked Support to try again to reactivate my Link, so I’m hoping this will make the difference.

Any suggestions?


The reason is that you have the old (pre-MacOS-Catalina) version of the AU. Please get the newer one: Download – Jam Origin. Make sure you overwrite the old .component.

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Thanks JamO!

You are correct - I had saved an old version of .component. Downloading the newer one solved the problem. I can sleep now and make midi guitar music in the morning! Happy holidays!