MIDI controllers

I know I might be in the minority here, but I was wondering is others are hitting a limit with the 9 assignable midi controllers in MG3? I just got a Morningstar MC8 and with a couple of expression pedals and the TEControl breath controller, I am left wanting more controller assignments. Being able to use footswitches to turn on and off the three chains, sustain pedal, legato on/off, and two transposes as well as breath control and expression modulation uses all 9 available slots. There are still a few other things I would like to control as well. It would be good to see what others think of this.

Also, I tried to use a couple of pedals for patch changes and when I select one, it starts a loop. Not sure if this is a bug or if it is just how I programmed my pedal.


I’m interested in this question too. For me, part of it is that I like the idea of having a control surface on the tabletop (for e.g. to put physical controls to things like the mixer), in addition to switches and pedals on the floor.

One thing I’m contemplating on this, for me, is to try using MG3 patches primarily for MIDI out, with destination applications running standalone instead of hosted as plugins. At least in theory, by being careful with management of MIDI send and receive channels, I could have an MG3 patch “cleanly point at” one or two different standalone apps, and have MG3 send the notes, MPE data, and up to four control mappings to these destination apps, which should also be able to receive whatever other MIDI inputs they support.

I would imagine that this type of MG3 patch would be pretty lightweight, and swapping two or three of them out “live” would be pretty straightforward. And, because of the convenient way the MG3 patchbay allows you to force latching or inverting–and to introduce the modulators as influencers on any of the above–I suspect that there will be very clever uses for this sort of hand-off.

Gil, your comment about inadvertently starting a loop didn’t make it clear exactly what you’re observing. By “starts a loop” do you mean the MG3 Looper module starts recording or playing? Or do you mean it starts an MG3 chain (where a guitarist might use “loop” to mean effect or switchable signal path loop)? Or perhaps you started a software (or hardware) looper’s loop track?

I ask this because I found it was easier for me to remap MG3’s default “previous preset” and “next preset” CC numbers to play nice with the way I have currently programmed my own controllers, and because I use the QuantiLoop looper app on iOS with MG2 and Audiobus. With that latter arrangement, I have been caught inadvertently starting a couple of things in QL that I didn’t know were listening for the CCs I was sending somewhere else. (When MG3 for iOS becomes available, I cannot wait to see what will come out of pairing MG3-driven instruments with the power available in QL. And MG3 may wind up covering much of what I needed Audiobus to accomplish with MG2 anyway… :slight_smile:

When I said loop, I meant that when I use the midi commands to change a patch, it starts stepping through all of the presets and loops around. This has nothing to do with the looper.


Oh, interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

This may or may not be related, but I want to say that I saw someone (perhaps @LoFiLeif) demonstrate the ability to long-press the standard “next” and “prev” patch change messages, and get the intentional behavior of bringing up, and then scrolling through (as you long-press), the list of patches in your data folder. Is it possible that the momentary/latching behavior of your switch is at play?

I will have to go back and investigate that, thanks for pointing it out.

You are correct @craftygrass. A pedal using CC14 or CC15 is meant to cycle through patches (up or down respectively) Here is the video describing that.

I had this preset loop issue weeks ago when hosting MG3 in Live. If I recall correctly it was because I accidentally enabled a MIDI loop. Be sure to filter/block all unnecessary MIDI signals at the input stage.

And regarding controller assignments…yes. I think it could be useful if there were more available, perhaps in an advanced mode. Though I do appreciate the simplicity of the current configuration.