Midi devices for pitch bending/expression

I bought this trackball mouse the other day as it was on sale (and still is as of this post) It looks to have a unique? Vertical layout. Haven’t received it yet, but curious to see how it will go velcroing it to my guitars! I imagine I’ll be tied to a computer screen while using it for recording (I may never really play guitar live anyways) but I’ll let you all know how it goes! I realize it’s not midi but might be an alternative of sorts to controlling VSTs etc. Amazon.com

That ATEMP MC1 (Its sort of a mod wheel/pitch bend wheel unit) I linked earlier doesn’t ship overseas but sounds like they are looking for someone to produce/sell them overseas I guess!

I haven’t been able to find joysticks in that style specifically for synthesizers, or at least for a reasonable price and the ability to buy in bulk. I did find find that you can repurpose gimbal joysticks from drone or other RC toys to have that movement in a square space.

I guess you can also look into Hot Hand USB controller from Source Audio. It is discontinued, but still appears on a secondary market. Not sure if it is good for pitchbends exactly, but looks to be fun for some “dubsteppy” modulations.