MIDI Guitar 2.5 for GarageBand?

Hi there, will the simpler MIDI Guitar version for GarageBand be updated to v2.5 too eventually? Would be great (and reduce possible confusion).


Ideally it should follow iOS yes… But the honest answer is that as long as it works and the tracking is on pair with the desktop/plugin version, we might not be able to prioritise this. It might come after the next major desktop/plugin update. Sorry, i cant give a more clear answer right now.

Thanks for your quick answer. Hopefully you’ll be able to prioritise it before macOS 10.15 arrives. macOS 10.14 Mojave already shows a warning that MIDI Guitar 2.1.0 will cease to work with the next OS version.

Yes, in that case we’ll get it sorted out, and faster than the iOS update.

Sorry if this has already been mentioned and replied to but i have not updated my iOS specifically due to the fact i had read that it would mess with y’all app and its my fav hands down…now that y’all have released an updated version can i update and or is there any benefits to the app if i was to update

And i have never had any luck recording the great guitar tones that you can get with the app in another program such as auria and or gb and so on it does track the others midi as a controller but the guitar was always just picked up as a dry signal…

I’m sure major over sight on my part i just logged on and typed so this might not even be the correct section

This is truly the most fun I’ve ever had playing guitar your awesome

MIDI Guitar 2.5 supports IAA (inter app audio) : this means that now that the output audio can be recorded in garageband.

If you want to record the output of e.g. Aura or Sampletank, you ofcourse need to record that particular app via IAA.