Midi Guitar 2 BETA 16 QUESTION

Hello!! I have a quick question. I have owned Midi Guitar 2 for several years and I absolutely love it ! My computer is old & weird ! I have never had problems with any of the BETA versions, but when I install and use version 2.2 in Cakewalk when I “bounce to tracks” I crash. I do not believe this is Midi Guitars bug ( I think its my Cakewalk or old computer) When I uninstall version 2.2 and reload Midi Guitar 2.12 everything is fine. My issue is that I have made many guitar presets in version 2.2 that will not load correctly in 2.12 due to lack of functions in 2.12. I have searched my computer for versions 2.14 and 2.16 and I can’t locate them. Is it possible for me to re-download version 2.16 ??? thanks

Maybe you load synths inside the MG plugin? that is deprecated, and surely might cause your crashes. https://www.jamorigin.com/docs/daw/#toggle-id-6
As for 2.0.16… I dont know if we have that still and where it is located, please check my suggestion above first.