MIDI Guitar 2 stopped working in Logic Pro

I was just using MIDI Guitar 2 the day before yesterday. I loaded up Logic today and started up MG2 as I always do and nothing. Can get a thing to happen. It won’t recognize the change in buffer size after I apply it and it says no output. Then it instructs you to choose an output, which you cannot do, there is no way to do that, it assigns some seemingly arbitrary output but that does nothing to resolve the issue. This is incredibly frustrating as I have been using this product, trouble free from day one with no problems for at least 6 months and now it won’t do anything. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am leaving this up as long as they let it stay just in case anybody else has a similar problem.
Software Monitoring somehow was not enabled, I can only assume that it was prior and therefore have NO IDEA how it got turned off, but it did, and apparently that was the problem. I didn’t even know it existed frankly, but as soon as I clicked the button everything started working again. So if anybody else who’s new to this is having a similar problem, be sure you add that to your troubleshooting checklist.

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