Midi guitar 2 with GarageBand, issues when used in “modules and equalizer”

Hello all,

I have bought recently Midi Guitar 2 for iPad, plus the both in-app purchases, and I am quite happy. I use it with a Spanish guitar, and works fine to me.

But I suffer from one thing. When I use the app in Garage Band into modules and equalizers, I find out that it works sometimes, and the most of the time it doesn’t.

If you want to reproduce the case, I write down here the steps I follow:

1 I record a wave track (not midi) with my guitar or my voice.
2 then I add Midi guitar 2 into the modules and equalizers section.
3 I call Midi Guitar and I put the right settings on the window.

When I strike play, I can hear only the input sound (with its modulations, let’s say dry sound), but not the output sound with the instrument selected in Midi Guitar. No midi strikes are seen in the window of recognition, but the lever of the sound level moves! Full wet sound, you hear nothing. But surprisingly, if you record a bit at the beginning of the track, then you begin to obtain the wet sound! Then, eventually it fails again.

Well, English is not my mother language but perhaps I have been clear enough. It is a pity, because the app almost works in this scenario, so perhaps it would be relatively easy to fix the bug.

Congratulations for Midi Guitar 2. I found this difficulty by chance, because my main reasons for purchasing the app are widely fulfilled. Best wishes!

I cannot reproduce this here.

My guess is that the issue is that you use the internal mic (?)
Using the internat mic rather than an audio interface somehow (usually) cause iOS to run audio at high buffer sizes. Then MG simply bail out because of high latency. Unfortunately it doesn’t really communicate this to the user, but the symptom is that no notes are triggered in the interface.

In your case when using MG to post process a recording, it could actually run at high latency and compensate for the midi timing in the recording, but it doesn’t do that currently because it was made with live use in mind. We’ll add this in a future update.