Midi Guitar 3 beta - Reply to show interest

hi im new here , but certainly interested

I signed up for the mailing list and would love to be in the beta if possible. Very interested in trying out the MPE capabilities. Either way, good luck in the development! From experience, being a lone developer is tough work so take your time and do things the way you want to do them.


Lol. You said the same years ago.
Nobody is trusting you any more.

Just bought the Midi Guitar 2 product - it’s amazing! Hope you are making reasonable progress on version 3 and wishing best of luck.


MG2 is fire! Thank you!
Would love to beta test MG3!!

It would be great to have a version 3

Many thanks to the person (or people) involved in the development of MG3. We are eagerly awaiting this update. You should know that the happiness that this technology brings to the emotional universe of those of us who enjoy playing different instruments from the guitar is immense. It is indeed a long wait but we greatly appreciate your effort and dedication to make it a reality. THANK YOU !!!


Thank you for your comment which reflects exactly my own vision.
You have already greatly impressed us both technically and emotionally with your videos.
I imagine you’ll surprise us even more the day you get your hands on MG3 :wink:

For those unfamiliar with your work with MG2: Swam Audio Modeling - Chema Vilchez

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I would absolutely love to beta test version 3!!!

Looking forward to the MGv3 update. Hope it makes me feel as great as I did upon getting v2 :call_me_hand:

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I’d love to be involved in the beta testing too please, I’ve been looking forward to MG3 so much. Thank you…

Totally interested in the beta for v3. Adore MG2!

I would absolutely love to be part of the beta!

Don’t say “nobody”, you must not speak for others!


I’d be interested. Think I also signed up for the beta, but you know , belt and braces :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

I would too. If I could reinstall it on my mac mini after I had to restart from scratch. I can’t find my licence.

Very interested to try!

Would be nice to try MG3, especially if MPE mode is somehow included.

Sign me up!! It should be very interesting and hopefully more features.

Yes - I would be up for beta testing 3!