Midi Guitar 3 issue

Hi 1st-time user here, thought I might contribute :slight_smile:
So I’m using m1max m studio and Cubase 13 on the latest osx.
Unfortunately, midi guitar 2 was not recognized by Cubase no matter what I did so I thought ill try 3 and it works.
1st issue I’ve encountered was mg3 telling me my buffer is not 128 or 256 altho it was, I figured it might be because of the project sample rate that was 96k 64bit.
Opened a new project @ 44.1 16bit and it worked.
Omnisphere crashes the plugin.

Thank you for feedback.

I guess MG2 will only run in Cubase under rosetta.

As for MG3, I see the error message is confusing - and should warn about the sample rate instead. I’ll will fix that for next update.