MIDI guitar accessibility for screen reader users

Apologies if I am posting this into the wrong forum. PLease let me know if there is a better place here!
I wanted to raise the issue of the MIDI Guitar interface and the lack of accessibility / usability for keyboard and screen reader users. I understand that this is a complex issue and may require a few back-and-forth posts, but I wanted to start the discussion anyway.
I am happy that MIDI Guitar exposes a few important automation parameters that I can latch on when using the plugin inside either Reaper or Logic, the two DAWs of my choice.
However, many of the UI’s sections are not accessible, i.e. I am not able to navigate to them using the keyboard or keyboard shortcuts.

Does the team possibly entertain an idea of looking into making MIDI Guitar more accessible?

Thanks for reading and considering my request.

Can someone please recommend if this is the right place to post this request? I really would like to make sure that MIDI Guitar developers see my question.
Thanks so much!

Hello Victor, welcome here.

Don’t worry, I think you’ll get an answer to your question, the developer is a craftsman who works alone but listens to his users.

Give him some time to answer you personally, even if he may not be able to respond favourably to your request quickly.

I am not a developer but I guess that building an accessibility interface must be a lot of work. Institutions should make more effort in terms of accessibility development grants.

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Not in the near time future. Please see this thread.

However, since MG is at its core very simple (audio in, midi out and just one parameter) you should consider loading it in a DAW which do have the needed accessibility features, instead.

Thanks @jamo for the link.
I left my response in the mentioned thread.
I do hope you could look into improving automation parameters as those would benefit not just blind users but the geeky audience as well!
Thanks for the answer!