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Since several days ago, this stopped sending midi to Logic Pro. Hours of fiddling with no results.


Oh, ok, someone was mentioning something similar with Mainstage.

I don’t have Logic here but Paul will return soon and make a video on how to set this up.
There is a bit of setup on the Logic side as you can see in this video: http://www.jamorigin.com/docs/daw/#toggle-id-3

With MIDI Guitar for Garageband you select the “external midi out” patch which establish a virtual midi port, and then the logic setup is very similar to show in the video. We’ll do a video tutorial.


Where is “External Midi Out” patch? I’ve hit every button twice… can’t locate it.


On the very top there is a black slot in the middle - that’s the patch selector.


You were right, News… we messed up.
There is a new update out (2.6.5) which should fix the connection to Logic/Mainstage.