MIDI Guitar2 setup - Windows 11

I just got this, and am looking forward to using it!

I have my guitar plugged into my ApolloTwin interface. MIDI Guitar2 instance is open in an audio channel (using Ableton Live 10). I get guitar audio. So far, so good.

I have set up an instance of Kontakt on a MIDI channel, with “MIDI From” MIDI Guitar2.

When I play notes on MIDI Guitar2’s keyboard, I get the sound of the VST on the MIDI channel. When I play the guitar, I do not.

I’m guessing this is something easily resolved, but I don’t see it, yet.

Can you help?

Thanks so much!

Try setting monitor to “in” instead of “auto” on the Kontakt channel.

on the other thread, the screencap you posted showed 2048 samples. this seems much higher than necessary.

see if you can get that down to 256.

i got it down to 256 … works well! now all i need to do is solve some tuning issues