Midi out to Bass Station 2 hardware Synth


As i understand Origin should work with midi out devices in standalone mode.
So i set up midi out to Bass station 2 hardware synth (it has usb midi) and select the midi channel, Origin is detecting my guitar notes but nothing is sent to the Bass station, what im doing wrong?

Im on win7 64 bit.


Hello Misonic, welcome here.

I am not sure that what you call USB midi is intended to receive midi notes from external midi source. But I may be wrong on that.

My own synths with midi in out + usb can send or receive midi data on usb but can not be used as midi devices receiving notes or CC with usb.
I have to use the midi in/out 5 pins in order to operate properly.

Maybe your synth have a more advanced midi usb technology, you might request information from Novation support.

If it is not possible with usb, you have to use standard 5 pins connections.

If your sound card have midi in/out it will works fine.

If no midi in/out, you have to use a midi/usb interface.

Several models exist with more or less options.

I use a Midi expression iO that allows using midi connections plus 4 standard controllers such as expression or sustain pedals, switches, etc, for patches changes and all midi learn parameters.

It works when the bass station is set up to use midi channel 1 only, on all other channels it doesnt work.
Also when using polyphonic mode tracking is better :slight_smile:
Thanx mate

you have to choose your bass station in the MG interface section for midi output.
the channel select midi machine is only for selecting the channel, not the midi port