Missed notes not due to tracking, but maybe due to layers?

I’ve been using MG2 since it came out, and solved most of my tracking issues, and use it quite a bit for gigs. My immediate problem is I’m using a 12 string SF2 file loaded in sforzando sample player. I’m playing Hey You/pink floyd. The problem is, as I’m picking each note, quite often I will miss notes, it seems like it will play two or three notes together and then skip a note or two. However, if I play more slowly, no notes are missed. And strumming a full chord works well, but I’m pretty sure that it’s still missing some notes there, but the full cord aspect hides that so it’s not really a noticeable problem.
I posted on the sample players’ forum but no one had a solution. I don’t think this is a problem with MG2, but I’m not sure…wondering if anyone here can shed some light on this. I’m running it on an extremely powerful Win10 machine with 32 gigs of RAM.

Alternatively, if I send MG2 to a simpler synth such as Synth1, every note is tracked perfectly. So it definitely has something to do with the sample player or the sound font itself. I have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with layers, which I don’t know a lot about as it relates to SF2 files. Is there a way to edit the SF2 file to add more layers? Or is there something else I can try? Thanks!