Mix control not working - using Logic Pro X

Hi. I searched all I could here, and I still can’t figure this one out. MG says that panning the mix control hard left leaves only the guitar sound, and hard right only the software instrument’s sound. But it doesn’t work. No matter what I tried, there’s always the sound of the guitar coming through.

A related question—if I can clarify the first one—is how can I apply Logic’s plugins to only the guitar sound.


Then its because either 1) your interface is set to “direct” or “monitor” audio or 2) Logic forward audio from other tracks.

Thanks, JamO. I played with MD yesterday evening, I’m starting the see how the controls interact and I can now separate the two sounds. I’m still wondering whether there’s a way to apply effects to only the guitar sound using Logic’s plugins, or if the only way to affect it is through what MD offers.

Yes you could apply only the blue effects for guitar, red are for synth. But when you use logic, why not use logic for guitar? (on a separate guitar track)

A separate guitar track. Right. I’ll spend time experimenting today. I obviously need to spend time with how MG interface with the rest in Logic. Thanks gain.