Mode Machines vPed / older version of MIDI guitar

I recently bought a Mode Machines vPed (pedal board that runs VSTs), which came with a demo of MIDI Guitar 1.0.0. This worked pretty well but I removed it and tried to install version 2.2.1, which I’ve found won’t work or install on the vPed.

Are older versions still available both for trial and purchase?


the vped is not actively supported by anyone as far as we know. Only MG V1 did run on it, at least a demo version. We basically know nothing about it.
The MG V1 license is the same license as for V2, but V1 is not available anymore. You might try to reset your vped to the factory preset situation, where MG V1 is available.


I’m a vped owner as well. If you know of a way to copy and export the .dll for the demo software, I’m happy to provide and email it to you.

Please join the vped user group on facebook, post your query there and share your insights!