More on pitch bend

I’m using Midiguitar2 64 with Omnisphere 2.8 64, both are pitch bend-enabled. The Omni patch I’m using supports pitch bend when using a keyboard directly into Omni, but I can’t get it to bend with guitar through MidiGuitar2. Suggestions?

Have you checked the PB ranges match?

OS2 defaults to +/-2 semitones but check in the bottom right corner of the main window to confirm.

Also check MG2 is set to the same range. If they are not identical you will not be able to properly track bends.

I just verified this by testing OS2 at +/-2 and MG2 at +/-12 – doesn’t work with bends.

I have both set to 12. I have had success with other plugins so it appears everything is set up correctly.

Are you using the desktop version of MG2? If you are and also have “sustain” enabled, they don’t work together! Disable sustain, if you need to!

Thanks, I’ll check that, will let you know.

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DIsabling sustain did not fix the issue.

Vaultnaemsae - You have Omnisphere? Can you get it to work with any patches?

Yes. I have no problems. I’m wondering what could be different in your setup.

Can you confirm via a MIDI monitor app that the PB messages are being sent from MG2?

Also, I know you said your keyboard triggers PB with no issue BUT it might be a good idea to check in OS2’s System/Modulation settings that the Pitch Bender is set to ‘Bender’ and hasn’t been accidentally reassigned to another parameter.

Modulation set correctly and I can see the pitch change in the MIDI monitor and in the velocity curve. This is maddening. Can you try it with Glorious Guitars in Omnisphere? Last shot. Thanks for your help.

Yeah – it works as expected. Just curious, are you on macOS?

Windows 10. You’re on mac?

Yes, macOS Big Sur. Sorry, I don’t really know much about MIDI on Windows.

Much appreciated. Thanks.