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New plugin: "MIDI Guitar Minimal" for Mac / BigSur

Since some Apple M1 Mac users have reported problems with MIDI Guitar 2.2.1, we put together a little plugin for those affected and anybody who are just curious.

  • Its a minimal version of MIDI Guitar, which should be great for Logic users.

  • Its based on the good old MIDI Guitar 2 tracker and otherwise only has the most essential features to get MIDI from your guitar and into Logic (or other DAWs).

  • There is one new feature: Partial MPE support - it can output notes to separate channels and apply MIDI channel pressure, for polyphonic expression.

  • Its native for both Apple M1 and Intel-based Macs and comes as AUv3 plugin and standalone and requires Big Sur (MacOSX11)

  • Its a free update/crossgrade for all MG2 plugin customers.

  • Its a first BETA version, and currently not thoroughly tested.

  • Download here: https://jamorigin.com/downloads/MidiGuitarMini/MIDIGuitarMiniBeta1.zip

  • Known issues that will be addressed with mores updates in the next days:

    • It doesn’t save its settings inside the DAW project.
    • Tuner setting missing
    • The sliding notes visualisation stops after a few minutes.

What a pretty tiny gizmo :grinning:
It is going to make Windows users jealous :wink:
Well done!

Yes, we have much more new stuff to announce soon - also for windows users. This was just a left turn at a minor road.


I have MG2 2.2.1 on macOS 10.14 and it works fine with Ableton Live 10 and 11.
Do I need this MIDI Guitar Minimal?


No, don’t bother for now, if you are on intel based Macs :slight_smile:

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I am running Mac OSX 10.13.6 and the app does not run. It shows the prohibition sign on its icon…am I doing something wrong or it is not meant to run on this OSX ?

I forgot to mention: its running only on Big Sur (MacOS11) and beyond.

The french would say “petit detail”…thanks ! :smiley:

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hello JamO!
separate midi channels and MPE?? looks sweet, i will check it out.
MG2 on m1 has really opened a door for me and changed my sound.
such a great plugin.
curious for your next announcement!

keep up the great work!
Thank you & cheers from germany!

I downloaded the archive on a Macbook pro, intel based. The archive only contains the application, not the audioUnit plugin…
When I execute the MIDI Guitar Mini.app, I got an empty window:

I don’t understand how to make it working. :thinking:
Do I miss something ?
I use a lot “Midi Guitar” during Live performance for some years now. I can’t wait to try the new Midi guitar 3 version, is there a way to be a beta tester?

Thank you for feedback! That certainly is a problem on our side. As mentioned, this plugin is not so widely tested still.

But please let me know what kind of Macbook and which MacOS version? Please try to resize the window, it might help.

The plugin is now an AUv3 so no further installation is needed and you should see “MIDI Guitar Mini” inside Logic or other DAWs.

Thank you for a so fast reply!

I use a Macbook pro 2020 Intel Core i7 with 32Goct of RAM under Big Sur 11.3.
I had already try to resize the window, but without any effect. :frowning_face:
This is the first time I heard about AUv3 plugin format on Macos…I was thinking that it was a format dedicated to the IPadOS. But effectively, I can find it on Mainstage and it seems to be working. I have follow the process to get a valid licence that has been working perfectly. :grin:
I have try to find it in Cubase 11, but it seems not to be compatible, right now.
I have try with Studio One 5.2.1, it appears in the plugin list, but, when selected, it doesn’t show up.
I will continue to test it on Mainstage.

I have also try to open it using Gig performer. It finds it but fails during the initialization phase, so it disables it.
Is there a directory where are located the AUv3 plugins? (I would try to open it with Blue cat’s Patchwork)

Is the mentioned “roadmap” page for public access?
Thanks, Luke.

Roadmap will be public soon…

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You have a lot of DAWs on that MacBook!

We only tested on Logic and Mainstage so far. Not sure to which extend other DAWs even support AUv3, but that’s something we will look into.

I believe the AUv3 isn’t copied anywhere, so it just reside inside the .app as an .appex. You can find it with right click and “show package contents”

Is it the 16inch MBP? Do you use an external monitor?

It’s a 13 inch Macbook. Yes, I used an external monitor for the test of your product.

Even without an external display Midi Guitar Mini standalone does not display the modules inside the window.

I did some tests on Logic Pro in MPE mode, and the plugin gives good results in terms of playing feel on Equator2!
I thought there would be a midi channel per note / string, like a seaboard from Roli, for example, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. However, the play feeling is the most important.
Is there a VST2 or 3, and / or audioUnit version planned of this plugin?
What about a Windows version?

Great you released a version for the M1 Macbook on Big Sur. It works! Thank you!
Now I want to buy the app but I’ve got one question. I’m also still using my old Imac with the High Sierra OS. Since the MIDI Guitar Minimal will only work under Big sur, I still need the MG2 to use on with the Imac. Do I have to buy two licences or can I use both under one licence? I really want to buy a licence now because I believe in the technique and the way you people from Jam Origen will keep developing this in the future. It is like a new instrument for me. I still got a Roland GR-33 which is still good but I believe in the future of the MG technique. Thanks for this beautiful invention!

Best regards,


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