Next version of MIDI guitar

When will we see the next upgrade to MIDI Guitar. Seems like development has stopped ?

I cant give an ETA yet.

However, we are working on a very big update for a few years by now - development is as active as ever, behind the curtain.


Look forward to hearing about any of the updates!

hi. I played with the trial 2.2.1 yesterday a bit & fixed some of the latency / sensitivity issues.
So I’m at the point where I want to buy the software.
You mention that you’re working on the next major upgrade, which is great.

If I purchase the current version (say 2.2.1) will I then be able to upgrade with this license directly to 3.0? or will I need to purchase a new license? Otherwise (being possibly at the end of the v2.x cycle, it might be smarter to wait a bit and buy the 3.0.

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There will be a free upgrade path from v2 to v3. Whatever comes next, it will never be a disadvantage to buy now. We have always sought to take existing users over to the next version without charging.


Even the cranky and too eager users who want to have it both ways :grinning:
We have to give time some time…

awesome. thank you. Sold :+1:

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They are working on a “big update” :thinking: for years now and maybe years to come.
So don’t hold your breath.

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