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Noob question

I can still hear my original audio interface guitar signal when playing with midi guitar 2, is this how it’s supposed to be? Turning the gain off completely helps, but then the output from midi guitar 2 is very silent

Hi! You should definitely be able to play any synths or MIDI instruments without hearing your (incoming) guitar, if you don’t want that. There are usually one of two things that is causing this, either you have something loaded in the blue box here, or you have some monitoring setting on your audio interface you have to look at! If you tell us what setup you have (audio interface, Mac or PC), and perhaps share a pic of the way you have your MIDI Guitar software set up it is easier for us to help?

It sounds like an audio interface mix knob or switch set to direct: this monitors the guitar input.
When using an audio application, it must be set to daw, Playback, HP, depending on your audio interface.
In any case, if it is a knob, it must be turned completely clockwise.


Yeah, direct monitoring was turned on my interface, thanks :slight_smile:

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You are welcome here, Kazka, feel free to ask questions.