Order Failed When Trying to Purchase MIDI GUITAR 2 for Win/Mac

I’ve tried to order MIDI GUITAR 2 for Win/Mac multiple times over the last few days, using paypal, amazon and two different credit cards.

I’ve tried multiple browsers (chrome, safari, firefox, brave, ie) on both mac and windows.

Every time I try I receive the following from fastspring:


We regret that your payment or order could not be accepted. There are many reasons why this might occur. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance.

Any idea what the problem might be? Thanks!

Try a private/cookiless browserwindow and make absolutely sure that the VATid filed is empty: some browsers autofill that, and faststpring blocks forever after one error. The private window is to circumvent that error state.

Thanks Paul, the private browser window worked.

The default country was Switzerland, and once I switched it to the US it went through right away.

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yes, the shop only accepts only the country where you currently reside, determined on IP adres. that is the second deal breaker.