Patches - save and recall

Hi all - so I’m up and running with MG2 and it’s fab! I’ve downloaded SFZs and all working fine.
However…I can’t seem to recall any patches that I’ve created myself and can’t seem to find where they live on my PC.
I’ll be using MG2 live with no DAW so rely on the patches…can anyone help?
Thank you!!

when you click on the patchtitke, that is where “test piano” or “default” is displayed, you will have the opportunity to load one of the saved patches.
The “save” button will allow you to save the current patch under its current name or another, effectively creating a copy.

Thanks for tour reply Paul - I did that but my patches then didn’t appear in the list! I assume I’m doing something wrong!

did you save patches with new names?

Hi Paul, yes I did. I can’t find the standard patches in the folders but they are all there in MG2 except for mine…I assumed I might have saved them somewhere else by mistake but I realised that the “save as” option doesn’t allow you to choose a folder!!

if you have saved a patch under a new name, the display will reflect that name.
if that is not the case, then something went wrong.
I noticed that on some systems “save as” with the default patches is blocked.
Please create a new patch with the “new” button, this should allways work.
This new patch then can be saved to other names without problems.

Ah, I haven’t tried New - I’ll give that a go tomorrow and report back. Thanks so much for your help Paul!!

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