Pitch bend for MIDI Bass

Hi -

I love using MIDI Guitar and Bass, but the lack of pitch bend detection in MIDI bass really limits the amount of expression you can put into the bass lines.

Can you add support for this soon?

thx -


Yes, we are aware. I guess it will come with the next MIDI Bass tracking update, but i cant really say when or promise anyting.

thx Jamo - thats really the one thing thats stopping me from using it more. If i’m doing basslines by myself i generally use a guitar and then drop an octave down, but…

one more request - can you add support to track down to low B (on a 5 or 6 string)?

I understand physics stops it from tracking really well, but even if you give the caveat “it won’t have perfect tracking between low E and lower B” i’d rather have the support there - even if its only used for longer notes.

thx! I’m really happy to see some development work being done, you folks have a great product!

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