Pitch Filter module not saving pitch range values

Can others confirm that the Pitch Filter module does not appear to save its configured values correctly? I’m trying to set a pitch range of Bb2 to C6 (to avoid stepping on my keyswitch notes below Bb2; those are coming from my footswitch) and it works great but when I re-load the patch after a MG3 restart it appears to have reset to its default values of E2 to E4.

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Confirmed. However why don’t you set the keyswitch actions of your instruments not below E2? You are losing most of the bass notes on your guitar!

A valid question, but it’s deliberate. I want to separate keyswitch articulations out entirely, and remand them to footswitch control, and keep the guitar for “playing the notes”. But of course it’s not quite a slam-dunk there…

The sample I’m working with tonight is the bassoon keyswitch multi in IK’s Miroslav Philharmonik collection; the sample only responds to notes down to Bb1 (and up to Eb5); I have a Transposer moving my notes down one octave so I can reach the lowest actual bassoon note, but I don’t want to accidentally have it pick up a note between E2 and A2, which will transpose down into the keyswitch range and put me into one of the legato articulations which I decided to stay away from. (My home guitar tuning actually goes down to C2 and I am very accustomed to reaching down there when I get excited–I realize I need to train myself better than that but one task at a time! :slight_smile: )

Thank you. This is fixed in the next update.